TLC LED & LIGHTINGS LLP is a one-stop distributor of LED lighting products. Founded in 2011, we specialise in lighting fixtures in Singapore through providing energy-efficient, high quality lighting products and friendly service.

Committed to deliver affordable and efficient LED lighting solutions, we utilise the latest user-friendly technologies. Our experienced technical team has in-depth knowledge of indoor and outdoor luminaries and is constantly working to revolutionise LED technology, to produce lighting products which perform better in efficiency, longevity and affordability. With LEDs becoming the go-to lighting products, our customers can thus gain greater savings while reducing environmental impact.

From energy-saving bulbs, T5 tubes to other LED lighting products, our comprehensive product portfolio is designed to meet the demands of both consumers and lighting professionals. Find both interior and exterior lighting solutions, or consult us to build custom lighting-inspired experiences in your next architectural project.

Since 2000, TLC ELECTRICAL & SERVICES has been providing quality electrical works and personalised services to our clients. We have over a decade of experience in electrical works, transforming homes, offices and commercial buildings and providing efficient services for a full spectrum of electrical works, from wiring to electrical installations, to make things easier for you.

A pioneer of industry breakthroughs, our long-term strategy is to invest in technological growth and skills development while taking on varied works in electrical services to broaden our portfolio and further consolidate our success.

To address changing customers' needs across an increasingly diverse market, we set up TLC LED & LIGHTINGS LLP in 2011 to offer a wide range of LED lightings at affordable rates, hence becoming an integrated provider of lighting and electrical solutions.

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